This course is designed to explore current issues and recognize trends in the postmodern global business environment. Students will use critical thinking skills and research abilities to predict the global and organizational effects on strategic management. Topics include technology, entrepreneurship, quality, ethics, and an ongoing list of contemporary issues that make up the external environment that organizations operate in.

This course is designed to thoroughly educate the graduate student in business in the significant role that information systems play as tools used to improve organizational productivity and profitability. Operational, decision-making, and strategic uses of IT are examined.

This course provides students with an understanding of accounting transactions and how these transactions impact the financial statements. Students will develop an understanding of how to read, interpret and analyze the financial statements, as well as the interrelationships among the financial statements. Students will learn the mechanics of budgeting and variance analysis, and the basics of time value of money using Microsoft Excel.

This course is an integrated approach to planning and implementing marketing strategies and tactics from a management perspective with an emphasis on the discipline of maintaining customer focus in highly diverse local and global markets. The course covers the review of marketing principles by which products and services are designed to meet customer needs and priced, promoted, and distributed to the end users. The course also examines the theory and application of Internet marketing. This course will fulfill the BS 540 Marketing Management Strategies and E-Commerce.

This is a capstone course designed to integrate all courses. The student will develop a business plan for a real entrepreneurial venture or design an intrapreneurial solution to a current leadership issue or community plan. This course prepares the student for the challenges of running a small business or being a leader in an organization or major project. In this final project, students are exposed to planning, organi zing, and operating a business and incorporating the skills developed as an individual, working with others, the open organizational system, and developing a competitive advantage.